Right-brained thinking gives us the edge

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“Right-brained” thinking is a quality feature of the Irish and will help us achieve a competitive edge in innovation and the global marketplace, new research from the Irish Management Institute (IMI) today.

Irish executives and entrepreneurs are equipped with the psychological and cultural competencies that can give Ireland a competitive advantage – but only if properly supported, it concluded.

The research, undertaken in partnership with the IDA, was based on a sample of 117 Irish executives and entrepreneurs and compared to international norms. The study indicated a substantial trend towards what is considered right-brain dominated cognition.

Both Irish executives and entrepreneurs reported in the research a consistent pattern of preference for right-brained thinking, which includes attributes such as intuition, the ability to make seemingly unrelated connections and tolerance of ambiguity.

The concept of tolerance for ambiguity is about being able to hold in congruent ideas without stress and the ability to see the bigger picture. Ambiguity is inherent to entrepreneurial activity due to the innovative and original nature of start up enterprises. Irish entrepreneurs scored above average on this scale.

Launching the report in the IMI in Sandyford, Dublin, the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe TD, said: “As Ireland enters economic recovery, we must now harness the core competencies among our people that can drive entrepreneurship and innovation. The findings in this report show that the Irish people have the kind of characteristics needed to build the ‘smart’ economy, in partnership with Government, as we seek to create higher value jobs for tomorrow’s workers. As Minister, I want to focus, in particular, on innovation so that we maximise opportunities to turn our academic research into marketplace products and give Irish entrepreneurs a competitive edge over others.”

IDA Ireland CEO Barry O’Leary welcomed the research findings and said: “IDA Ireland has been able to showcase Irish management and the availability of talent as a key selling point to attract multinationals to Ireland. Along with our favourable business environment, excellent academic institutions, corporate tax regime, the Irish manager has something that no other country can offer. There is something inherent in the Irish way of innovating, of doing business which has made Ireland so successful in attracting Foreign Direct Investment and embedding some of the world’s leading companies here in Ireland.”

Original article available at http://www.fxcentre.com/news.asp?2616336

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